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Upcoming Events:

The New Tri-Energetics Saga 22-24 June 2018 Basel (CH)



Join us for a weekend to share the treasure of Tri-Energetics with your beloveds.
* Savor the essentials: stress-reduction bodywork, healing circle, mantras, fire ceremony.
* Play with the Tri-Energetic formula with friends and family.
* Grow in well-being, enjoy, and more ...!


Date: 22 - 24 June 2018


With: Henry Marshall & Marie-Paule Ricchi


Location: Altrheinweg 38 / 1st Floor, 4057 Basel, Switzerland


Time: 18:00 Friday -- 14:00 Sunday


Paying : 120 EUR or 145 CHF


Eating: We bring what we love and need. At our disposal we have a kitchen, a dining room and a living room. Let’s enjoy ourselves!


Sleeping: For Homestay, email for help finding a bed.

Huningue, France is ten minutes by tram from the place of group.

Hotel and Bnb and camping are in abundance in the region.


Download Information: in English * auf Deutsch * en Français


Registration & Questions: email

Join us and add your colors to the picture!

Tri-Energetic Playshop 15-19 August 2018 Weitra im Waldviertel (A)



Relax your body & mind. Renew your energy.

Start the day in silence with morning yoga and a meditative mantra.

Connect authentically, sing, dance and embrace the beautiful nature.

Share your truth in a safe, accepting circle and in individual counselling sessions.

Come and experience the practical magic of Tri-Energetics.

When: 15 - 19 August 2018 (Wednesday 18:30 - Sunday 12:30)

Led by: Henry Marshall with Sonja Rauschuetz and Michael Schoenen


Location: Seminarzentrum Rosenhof

                 Großwolfgers 43

                 3970 Weitra im Waldviertel


Costs per person for the 4-day group: Tuition is € 480 (inc VAT)
                                      Full board in a double room is € 304 — € 388


Registration: Michael (+43 650 942 3010)
                       Sonja (+43 699 1953 2652)


Room reservation: contact Seminarzentrum Rosenhof

(+43 2856 3795)

Download Info in English * Download Info auf Deutsch

Join Us!


TE Training Days 2018-19

29 Sep, 8 Dec, 9 Feb

Basel (CH)



Join us for three training days full of informaiton, inspiration, connection, and fun. We'll explore how Tri-Energetics (TE) can help us become more effective and more satisfied in daily life. Attending all three days is recommended, but not required.


Saturday, 29 September 2018 -- Let's Be Flexible: if we're rigid, we break

Saturday, 8 December 2018 -- Compassion: trusting the power of love

Saturday, 9 February 2019 -- Curiosity: the joy of uncertainty


With: Henry Marshall & Marie-Paule Ricchi

Location: Musikpalast, Altrheinweg  38, 4057 Basel

Time: 9h – 17h


Cost: 180 CHF per day (inclusive coffe, water, and tea)


Please bring: Food for your lunch and for snacks

Organization: Marie-Paule Ricchi * +41 79 786 82 50 *

Join us and add your colors to the picture!